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Integration of 1C

Integration sites and any other information systems 1C

Integration sites 1C

Do you need a website that was fulfilled on the platform 1C Bitrix? 1С perfectly become integrated by any information systems. Since the architecture of 1C is always open, it is always possible to make integration of the website.

For what reason should we implement the integration of your website, but not freelancers or programmers?

Based on many years of experience, we can note that the developers and salaried system administrators do not have necessary information concerning the website of integration and are tightly engaged only in the current affairs of the company. If you instruct them to implement the process of 1C integration, they will go away from its main workflow for a long period of time. As a result, the whole process of integration delayed for an indefinite period, and there is no guarantee of quality. 
Freelancers in their turn also exonerate themselves from responsibility as a company which is specialized on integration with 1C. As distinct from freelancers, we usually fulfill started project to the end, and it is not affected by the complexity of the task.  The questions arise - our manager will always give a detailed and competent answers.

What do you receive after collaboration with our professionals?

  1. Integration on standard indicators. Usually integration of an online store with 1C includes:
    • Status of orders (paid, the payment is waiting, accepted into treatment);
    • Actualization of orders, suppliers, balances, prices, sections structure, the range of goods.
  2. Finalization of integration of the standard type. Supplement of the standard integration with the specific data, which in its turn should actively participate in the exchange. Integration of non-standard type. Is used in the case when a configuration of 1C does not consider the integration with 1C.
  3. Integration of non-standard type. It is used in the case where a configuration does not consider the integration 1C.

Integration can be implemented according to configured schedule, or based on real-time.

Contact us now, and your accounting system will operate in a single tandem with your site!