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Web Studio

Web Studio "Site-Pro" it offers a wide range of services

  • Design and creation of sites of any complexity
  • Website promotion, SEO optimization
  • Technical support, administration and maintenance of the site
  • Contextual advertising, setting up, conducting advertising campaign
  • Introduction to 1C and other services related to IT technologies

Very soon the Internet took his cell in everyone's life, and in the community is not the last place. And today the company or the company is judged by its site. We are ready to make a "face" of the company on the Internet unique and attractive.
Only we have creative and complex internet solutions for everyone who wants to.

Stability and experience

Stability and experience

Our company provides services for the creation, promotion and support sites for many years

Many customers have appreciated the full dedication of our employees. As they say, if the company is stable and has a good reputation for excellence, and numerous positive reviews – this is the result!

We can confidently say that our credo «stability and experience»

Punctuality and responsibility

Punctuality and responsibility

We have a state of exclusively high-class specialists, who with full responsibility and punctuality suited to their tasks.

We always follow through begun, and most importantly on time.

Every order is important to us and we will do everything possible to the customer was more than satisfied.

Individual approach

Individual approach

Our "Site-Pro" Web Studio does not recognize the template work

Each order – it individual decision.

Individual approach – it a pledge of quality and success.

Your project will work experienced with creative thinking designers and programmers.

We emphasize the style, theme and focus of the work concisely and with taste.

Design and creation of sites

Web studio Site-Pro offers a wide range of services for the creation, support and promotion of sites

Advantages of building sites in the "Site-pro" Web Studio

To create a site using the latest and advanced technologies

Adaptive design

Displays the site on various devices, adapts under defined sizes


Correct display and operation of the website in all popular browsers

Popular CMS

Administration sites using popular CMS: WordPress, Joomla, MODx, OpenCart

HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery

New version of popular programming languages to create a beautiful and modern sites


The value of each of our project includes the primary site optimization

Frameworks PHP, CSS

For projects using the most popular PHP frameworks and CSS

Your personal manager

Your personal manager

For each customer one of our services is assigned a personal manager, which makes cooperation more effective

Create a site – it is not even 50% of all work. In order to turn the site into marketing, you need to make a lot more effort, namely:

  1. Organize professional promotion;
  2. Add contextual advertising;
  3. Enlist professional technical support;
  4. Regularly update the site content.

In other words, constantly cooperate with professionals. Our company offers a wide range of services that will transform the most ordinary website into your professional sales person.

Make your online business profitable, with the help of qualitative and functional site.

How we are working?

The main stages of interaction between the customer of one of the services offered and our web-studio "Site-Pro"

Terms of payment

Terms of payment

Pricing Policy loyal and available to everyone.

Rates for services vary, and depend on the amount of work done on the complexity of the project and the amount of time spent by specialists. Each order is first broken down into stages of implementation and the estimate of which is sure to be agreed with the customer.

We always go to meet our customers.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Analysis – this is one of the most important processes in the work site.

Through analysis of the site visit, we can determine the future strategy of promotion of the site. Agree, when at the beginning of work to promote the site going down only three users, after the start of work - ten, and the number is increasing with geometric progression - this is a great indicator.

Without analysis – you are working "blind" - that is unacceptable.

Strategy development and creation of a site

Strategy development and creation of a site

It is very important not just to create a website and turn it into a multi-functional and profitable. To this end, our company offers the service "Website Promotion".

Each promotion we take over responsibility, and before you start working professionals develop a strategy that was previously negotiated with the customer.

We are working on the result!

Site design

Site design

Do you still not have a website?

We propose to solve this problem through the development of site "turnkey". The amount of time to develop the site may vary from two weeks to six weeks, it all depends on what type of site you choose, whether it's online business card or an online store.

We are not afraid of difficulties, and even the craziest of your idea to implement.

Website development

"Site-Pro" is a solution for your business in the web world. Just like in real life, here it is important for you to be ahead of your competitors for a few steps. You can do this by having a "super" tool, which we call "EFFECTIVE SITE". This is a very broad concept. It all starts with an idea that one day came to your mind. The result is a selling web resource that attracts new customers and sells while you count a profit.
Website Design is a creative but at the same time, difficult technical process. Often it is necessary to invent something non-standard in order to realize all the wishes of the customer. You can often be very categorical and picky! But this only pushes us to develop and improve our own skills.
We design simple websites and complex e-commerce sites, but in both cases, we analyze the sphere of your business and your audience. What sites your potential customers like, how they can easily navigate, what information is better to submit first, and which one should be better hidden, all of this is decided by our analysts.

Web design FROM motivated PEOPLE

How to understand is your web site effective now or not? First, analyze the activity on the pages, the percentage of failure. Then determine the stability of the customer flow and conversion. If you want to order the design of an Internet resource for the first time, then the Site Pro can offer you to develop a tool that will leave your competitors behind.

Our arguments:

1. The site solves the needs of your business;
2. Has a modern design;
3. Makes your website mobile ready;
4. Makes your resource cross-browser compatible;
5. Optimized for further advancement in the search;
6. Gives the ability to manage your website through a CMS system;
7. Withstands the necessary loads.

We also implement the introduction to 1C, which helps automate the accounting and management processes in any modern enterprise. We can order development on the 1C platform.

Web design IN KIEV - We are the best in this field!
Developing a specific Internet solution, it is important that it is unique. You can not just copy someone's idea, even if it's very successful. Our main principle is to give each client a new offer that meets his needs
Our team recognizes:

• Exceptionally individual approach;
• Close acquaintance with you and even closer with your business;
• Only modern solutions;
• Reasonable prices for the creation of sites in Kiev, Ukraine, CIS, Europe, USA. And the price should be beneficial to both parties;
• Responsible execution of own work, observance of the set terms;
• Long-term cooperation. We offer you further promotion of the developed site.

Ready to discuss your project and start acting? Then send us your terms of reference or call us. We are completely open to dialogue!

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