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Copywriting - an integral part of the promotion of the company


An important step in the promotion of the site is the creation of text content. From the quality of content depends on the location of search engines to the site, and the ratio of visitors to the resource.

In fact, all content can be divided into several types:

  • Actually copywriting itself (ie writing advertising, image texts);
  • Seo-texts (intended more for search robots than for people);
  • Texts, speeches, reviews, articles.

Advertising texts contribute to the transformation of the site visitor into a buyer. If earlier, among 50 visitors only 3 became clients, then with the help of copywriting the number of clients can increase fourfold. Great, is not it?
SEO-content - a competent tool in the hands of a professional. Avoiding "water", "spam", our writers create useful for search engines and interesting texts for people. Deftly weaving keywords into strings, they manage to write creative, positive and effective texts.
In some cases, texts can remain simply a source of information. The most popular search results, for example, are reviews (remember the Habr), news or articles about their own impressions.

The better the content, the higher the citation index of the resource, which means that the better the site gets to the top. Our employees write texts in a simple and understandable language for the users. Literate, with a logical structure and elegant form, texts are quickly ranked and have a high conversion.