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Feature articles

Feature articles

The cost of creating the Internet site

About how much it costs to pay for a modern website, written many articles, but we can tell you more cases for a personal example of work in this broad field.

The best books about business

Especially for our visitors, we have compiled a list of the best books about business, some of which will explain what the entrepreneur is facing, and some are the guide of activity in modern realities.

Partnership with web studios

If you are a manager and you have work in the IT field and Internet technologies, which, due to any restrictions, can not be performed by the forces of your team, we have an interesting offer.

Search engine optimization

This concept can not be considered synonymous with search engine promotion. This is just part of a full SEO, but very important. The term means the volume range of activities that are carried out directly on the site.

Website development

An important component of a successful website is web design. But this area is constantly changing, there are new trends that are sometimes hard to keep up. In 2016-2017, these trends almost did not change.

Order cheap business card site

Site-card will prevent any company, whatever it was not involved. However, it is especially necessary to organizations that represent a narrow range of market services or products.

On site Studio

What is the best studio to develop websites? What kind of specialists are here to work and what conditions they require?

Website promotion

The question of promotion in the search engines is not new for entrepreneurs of small, medium and large businesses. Approximately 7-10 years ago about this tool very few people thought.

Creation of sites in Kiev

Our company is engaged in the creation of sites of any type, we can implement the most complex design and develop all the necessary functionality. However, if your goal - selling a product or service, it will be a great option Landing.

Development of turnkey site

Our company is ready to provide you with the development of "turnkey". What does it mean? This service is necessary if you would like to get to the exit fully functional Internet resource that is already on the hosting.

Order website promotion

This service is in our company are engaged in SEO professionals with experience of 4 years. We have worked with many subjects, high and low competition, engaged in the promotion of the positions and promotion for traffic...

Professional website

If you need to develop a site, you should clearly understand the purpose of its creation and the features that you want to see on a resource...