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Creating a site on Wordpress

Creating a site on Wordpress

Date of publication: 30.01.2019

Creating a site on Wordpress

As the statistics show, about a quarter of all sites on the Internet are made on the wordpress engine. Why did so many webmasters prefer him? The answer lies in the simplicity of working with this engine, its free, multilingual and excellent technical support.


Creating websites for the order or for personal use with this engine is available even to novice webmasters. Wordpress has a large number of additional modules (plug-ins) that allow you to quickly create a website for any purpose - from a simple blog to a bulletin board or a store that offers hundreds of items to visitors. However, in the latter cases, the task, although it will be solved, is far from the best possible way, which is connected with the specifics of wordpress - it was originally conceived by the creators as an engine for creating blogs. Despite subsequent improvements in wordpress versions, it is still optimal to use for sites like
Blog (both personal and enterprise)
Online business card or corporate website
Advertising promotional website or presentation site


Certainly yes. But although any beginner can create a website on WordPress, when choosing an artist, it is better to give preference to professionals - web development companies. The issue of reducing the cost of work is solved by a large number of offers from companies that are ready to make a website on order for wordpress and leading different pricing policies. Thus, the creation of a website in Kiev is more likely to cost the customer less than in Moscow. Website creation Ukraine now offers cheap, and the number of ads of this kind is large enough.
If necessary, developers can also administer the site and provide technical support. Wordpress is quite virus-resistant engine, and in its latest versions an automatic update was built in, which increases the security of the site and protection against hacking, without requiring special knowledge from the owner.

The advantages of wordpress also include an easy revision of the site (due to the installation of new modules - plug-ins) and the possibility of hosting on an inexpensive hosting. A number of companies even offer free hosting specifically for WordPress sites, but here one must carefully read the conditions, since the possibilities of such hosting may be limited.