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Create a website – this is only the beginning of its full operation. Every website needs a reliable technical support, which will provide it an uninterrupted and correct operation. During the of site development, quite often emerge tasks and issues that require professional intervention. By entrusting your website to our support specialists you will get a perfect, effective result.

Support and maintenance of the site includes the following: adding new pages and sections of web resource, correction of errors in the functioning of the site, creation of backup copies of database and the site itself, site modernization and adaptation, renewal of information.

The price of the service "Website support" depends on the volume of performed work in a month on the web site and the amount of time which specialist will spend.

The web site support includes:

  1. Use backup copies in the event of failure of the site recovery;
  2. Control the end of registration of domain and hosting;
  3. Administration of hosting directly;
  4. Modernization and adaptation of the web site;
  5. Loading of new information on a web site;
  6. The creation of new pages and sections.

Working with our team, you will get:

  • Improvement and development of your website;
  • Timely addition of new and relevant information;
  • Qualitative performance of the entire spectrum of work on the site.