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1С Bitrix


Working on the platform Bitrix

1C Bitrix - this is what allows you to create, maintain and improve the development of business on the network. Order the development of a flexible and functional site on this system.

1C Bitrix

The first versions of Bitrix software appeared in 2000, while the CMS system was not much different from the others. In 2007 there was a merger of 1C with Bitrix, after which it was rebranded. Due to the new name of 1C-Bitrix, many mistakenly began to believe that the two companies are one and the same. But actually, the merger is just a business decision. All technical solutions are left for everyone.

At the moment the 1C Bitrix product is considered to be the best system, which allows you to create, maintain and improve the site, as well as manage the company's information data. With its help, unique projects, portals, online stores and other sites have been developed.
1C Bitrix Software
All Bitrix products run on the Bitrix Framework. This is a platform based on PHP programming, allowing you to develop a variety of web applications. It was on the basis of this platform that the most convenient and most popular program for today "1C Bitrix: site management" was created.

 In fact, this program is a ready-made software, with which you can simply manage a web resource. CMS is installed on the hosting, and after the configuration you can start working with the resource. In addition, specialists based on the Bitrix Framework create mobile applications.

Features of Bitrix products
The software product "site management" is designed for online stores, business cards, etc. with the possibility of further development and maintenance. Huge features and wide functionality provide simplicity and speed of control. The product already has almost everything that is necessary for high-quality and efficient service of the online store. In addition, it is possible to purchase other solutions in a specialized store.

The main feature of "Bitrix Site Manager" is that even an ordinary user of a personal computer can use this product. And all thanks to a convenient and intuitive interface. You can master the system in just a few hours, after which you will be able to effectively manage the web resource.

Benefits of Bitrix
1C Bitrix is ??one of the best CMS systems for websites, especially online stores. Bitrix is ??suitable for 95% of projects. The system has a high level of reliability and safety. Your site will work stably regardless of attendance. A high degree of protection minimizes the risk of hacking by third parties. CMS Bitrix is ??constantly improved, following innovations and increasing functionality. The company that uses this system becomes more productive and successful, because the efficiency of work increases significantly.
This product is fully compatible and is the best engine for data exchange with 1C programs.

This allows, for example, to create an online store integrated into the company's environment.