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Internet portals

Design and creation of an Internet portal on any topic

Creating a web portal

Web portal – is a web site, which contains a huge amount of services (search, mail, news, forums, services, voting), which operate on open spaces of one site. The percentage of useful information posted on the resource and the number of visitors depends on comfortable structure. Our specialists know absolute information and have skills to create high quality and popular portal among Internet users. Internet portal structure is enough branched, because it contains a lot of links and sections. Each order for us - it is an individual project.

Portal tasks

Before start of creation internet portal, it is necessary to define clearly the tasks, which will further accompany the Internet resource. For example:

  • Promotion of a brand, product or service;
  • Creating a portal which will serve as mass media;
  • Formation of public opinion about activities of the company, about the product or the service.

Having information regarding the purpose, our experts will create a portal that will effectively promote your company, product or service and at the same time it would maximally meets the requirements of the Internet market.

There are following types of portals:

  1. Public;
  2. Corporate;
  3. International;
  4. Regional;
  5. Vertical;
  6. Horizontal.

Features of the Internet portal

If your aim is to create a site that may simply be a place for storage an unlimited amount of information then the creation of an Internet portal is ideal variant. In order to make resource maximally effective, it is necessary to ensure a number of certain conditions during the process of creation:

  • A convenient and intelligent navigation;
  • The ability for visitors to leave comments and reviews, upload photos and videos;
  • All information that is added to the web portal, must pass strict moderation;
  • Placing on a portal of mobile dating.

Do you want to create a high quality and fully functional portal –please, address to our experts. Our professionals are able to create a project with an excellent results and absolute return.