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Web design



Web design is the science and art of designing web pages. Modern approaches to design will make the site harmonious and attractive to the Internet audience.

Web design

Design is one of the most important components of an effective website. In addition to aesthetic appeal, web design is designed to make the interface user-friendly. If it's a corporate site, then its design reflects the image and status of the firm. And if the goal of the site is to sell the goods, then in this case a thoughtful web design will help to turn a simple visitor into a client.

It is very important to entrust the stage of designing the site to professionals. An experienced specialist knows exactly which elements will attract the client, and which, on the contrary, can scare off. An interesting point is that those web design tools and techniques that were widely used in 2015 or 2016 may be completely out of date in 2017. Qualified specialists follow popular trends and apply only "working" tools in their projects.

Web Design in 2017
The World Wide Web is filled with a huge amount of various information, with each day there are new, fresh sites of different subjects. At the same time, users become more demanding, selectively approaching visiting and acquaintance with information on the sites. In this regard, web designers are required to constantly improve their projects in order to delay the visitor. What are the trends of web design will remain in 2017?

A convenient card system of the site structure is gradually becoming a thing of the past, replacing it with a "broken" grid. This is due to the fact that the usual is already pretty "palled," but the non-standard arrangement of the blocks will definitely attract attention.
Web design in 2017 significantly reduces the need to use scrolling. As shown by the user experience, such a tool has already significantly fed up the Internet audience. But in online stores, it is still relevant and familiar to the user.

In the last year, the trend of using different fonts began to develop actively in order to accentuate key elements. Correctly selected font is a strong graphic element, which will often be used this year too. This tool is especially important in connection with the optimization of the site under the screens of mobile phones and tablets. Correctly placed font attracts attention, immediately giving the user basic information.

Website design in animations and videos
For several years, the use of various animations has been gaining interest. And this part of design, most likely, will become more and more in demand. Animated elements naturally fit into the structure of the site, thereby improving user interaction with the page. In addition, due to the development of JavaScript libraries, the use of animation becomes simpler and easier.

Website design will also increasingly include widescreen video. In favor of this element is the fact that various videos have been loaded much easier from any device, including mobile phones and tablets. Video visually "enliven" the page, thereby involving users.
It is very important that the graphic part of the site is informative and does not displace the textual part completely. After all, people come to the site, first of all, to obtain specific information.
Our studio is ready to develop a website design for your target audience. Our work is based on the analysis of potential customers of your business and the current trend for a particular type of Internet resource.