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The remote server 1C

Priorities and benefits of the service Remote server 1C

The service «Remote server 1C»

Working with our company, you will be very surprised at all the benefits of the service «The remote server of 1C».

Using the service «The remote server of 1C» you get the following set of priorities:

  • No need to purchase expensive, robust equipment;
  • No need to spend your budget on expensive licensed software;
  • No need to pay for the support and realization of IT infrastructure setup every month. All this is already included in the total price.

1С online will help to find a solution of all the problems, and to provide continuous, uninterrupted functioning in programs 1C regardless of the configuration. All actions on the remote server 1C is easily customizable to fit your needs and the necessary parameters..
For today, more than 1 thousand of firms and companies have already evaluated the advantages and positive aspects of the remote server.

Advantages of use:

  • Lightning-fast work with the software of 1C without “system jam" and " deceleration";
  • There is an irreplaceable opportunity to edit and save files on a remote server;
  • Available ability to change and save files of entire company and of all its affiliates not on different carriers, but in one place;
  • It is possible to carry out manipulations in any corner of the country, even at home, not necessarily to visit the office every time;
  • A high level of protection of all information is provided.

Employees mistakenly deleted the files you need – that's not fatal. Our professionals at any time will do everything possible to recover the information you need in the short term. If there is a new employee for work, which also needs access to 1C, we will provide all the necessary information in an hour.
The remote server of 1C – is practical and pretty convenient thing. You can easily find a desired document at any place, whether it’s a meeting or a seminar.

Our company offers high-quality and timely technical support, high level safety and comfort in usage of the remote databases at affordable and loyal prices. Please, contact us!