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Basic SEO - Intensiv

Basic SEO - Intensiv - site with high results and one hundred percent return

Basic SEO - Intensiv

Have you come across the fact that you are paying specialists to promote your site, and the promised results are not and are not. And questions themselves arise - what are they doing there? What do you get money for? And when will the results?


Or another situation, when there is a need to promote the site, but there is no possibility to allocate finance for this?
Or you like the ability to manage Google search, and you want to learn how to promote your site yourself.
On the one hand, you need to rely on professionals, and on the other hand, you need to effectively promote the site so that the result is.
If you are the kind of person who wants to understand the basics of SEO website promotion - then this training will suit you PERFECTLY!
We will figure out how to promote the site on our own, how to save money, how to control all the processes.
You will learn the key factors of SEO optimization for successful website promotion.


SEO training will be interesting:

• Business owners and managers
• Marketers, marketing specialists
• startups
• Novice SEO Specialists

The purpose of the seminar on site promotion for you:

• Tell in simple words about website promotion.
• Give you a minimum of water and a maximum of concrete
• Ability to ask questions and receive professional answers a week after the seminar
• See what internet marketing is and why it is important in the 21st century
• Learn the principles of the search engines and what opportunities it gives us
• Understand the basics of website promotion in search
• Get the tools to successfully promote your site
• Learn how to analyze the progress of the promotion of your own or someone else's site



• Internet marketing - 21st century advertising
• Why is SEO-site optimization necessary?
• Search engines work, principles and capabilities
• Advantages and disadvantages of SEO site promotion
• Website promotion methods
• How to evaluate SEO performance?

Who conducts the training:
Bevzitsky Andrey
SEO specialist with experience of more than 6 years.
He worked with more than 60 projects of different directions.
More than two years of experience teaching SEO courses.

“I have experience in several SEO studios. At the moment I have been working for four years for myself, I am creating my own team.
Successfully promoted more than 60 different sites, ranging from showrooms and service sites, to large stores of climate technology or furniture stores. I worked with different companies, studied various approaches to website promotion.
I have also been teaching SEO website promotion for 2 years, I have a lot of good reviews, I haven’t come across any bad ones yet. As I try to give my students maximum knowledge and experience and help solve the various problems that students face. And also provide fully working tools for website promotion. "

Training lasts 3 hours

Saturday from 19:00 to 22:00
Evening Tues, Fri from 18:30 to 21:30

Upon completion of the event, each participant receives a certificate


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