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Creating a site on MODX

Creating a site on MODX

Date of publication: 30.01.2019

Creating a site on MODX

When you think about creating a site, you probably first of all think about a CMS (the so-called “admin”), on which it will continue to work. Creating sites on Modex will allow to take into account all the desires of the client. In addition, marketers will be able to test various interesting “chips”. Therefore, the creation of sites in Ukraine on Modx is a profitable solution.

Creating sites Modx has all sorts of advantages. Major:

system flexibility and extensibility. Sites on Modx for developers are considered a real paradise. Thanks to this “admin” you can experiment in every way and conduct technical testing. It will turn out to introduce even the most unusual and non-standard designs. Creating a Modx website means satisfying business goals and keeping up with all the latest trends.

The speed of the site. Statistics clearly says - the user waits for a download for no more than two seconds, after which he goes to competitors. Also, Yandex and Google do not like slow resources and do not allow them to get into the TOP. Therefore, to make a site to order for Modx is a very weighty argument. Portals of this kind will quickly load and bring in new visitors. Website creation Ukraine on Modex will be the right decision.

SEO oriented. Creating a cheap Kiev site on this CMS helps to automatically generate user-friendly links and meta tags. Further creation and promotion of the site Kiev will be a significant advantage.

Virus resistance and reliability. Creating a website in Kiev on such an “admin” is stable and reliable. In addition, the system is perfectly resistant to various attacks of viruses. CMS has an excellently developed Russian-speaking community. Creating websites to order on the already known to you Modex - it is also a powerful technical support and an excellent developed community. Thanks to these factors, it will always turn out to improve the work of the CMS. Finally, you are not tied to a particular developer and this is a crucial moment why creating custom websites on such a system is beneficial.

Ease of administration and convenience. Do you have a clear understanding that you are far from “on you” with IT? This is not so important, since the creation of websites Kiev cheaply on Modx assumes that you will easily understand the project. The admin panel is pretty simple. Edit sections and publish new information is not difficult. Kiev - creating sites on Modx is an opportunity to do everything from scratch.