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Landing page for online store

Landing page for online store

Date of publication: 28.11.2018

Landing page for online store

A landing page is a one-page website that presents a particular service or item. Landing pages typically perform functions that are not found on other portals:

holding attention. Researchers say that human attention on one object is usually delayed by 5 seconds. Therefore, a customer in an online store, when looking at a huge catalog, does not know what to do and where to look first. Landing has no distracting elements. Therefore, the visitor immediately understands where he was.
Persuasion purchase services or goods. Landing for an online store consistently presents products. First, there is a block with USP, the benefits are further described, after that there are social proofs. At the end of the specified contacts.
Brief presentation. The one-page site works as an experienced manager - quickly and comprehensively talks about the service.
It does not matter in which area the landing page is made for the online store. You can sell electronic goods, clothing, or something else. If the one-page is done correctly, then potential customers will definitely see it.

How to develop an interesting one-page
What should be the LandingPage for an online store, so that visitors would be interested in visiting it? One description here will not be enough. We offer a look at this checklist:

high-quality photos of the product. They will work for the good and create a strong impression about the product.
Description of service on theses and main advantages. Explain to the potential client why he should take advantage of your products. No one is interested in a boring and one-type listing of technical characteristics.
Presentation video. She can always be helpful. But it should be understood that it must be done professionally. Only then will such a presentation be watched by users.
Calls to action. On average, the whole Landing Page of them should be from three to five. Such elements are always important, they can not be neglected.
Return and delivery terms. In this block the information needs to be written down accessible and understandable to the maximum. A person must understand how his goods will be delivered to him and what to do if products have, for example, turned out to be defective. When a user sees these conditions, he increases the credibility of the brand or online store.
Reviews This tool is a powerful weapon for social proof. Often it is the reviews that are the deciding factor when making a decision. But they should not be over the top with a laudatory one.