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Website creation on Bitrix

Website creation on Bitrix

Date of publication: 30.01.2019

Website creation on Bitrix

The company offers website development services on Bitrix 1C - a unique content management system. With this system, you can create a convenient and functional online store that operates smoothly and constantly attracting new customers. Creating websites on Bitrix is a step towards stable profits and successful business promotion, therefore this investment will surely pay off and will bear fruit in the form of successful sales of goods and services.

Creating websites in Ukraine on Bitrix is in great demand due to the following advantages:

maximum automation and simplification of the entrepreneur;
the ability to constantly monitor all workflows online;
regularly updated complex of modules and plug-ins for the site;
integration with the C1 system, when the real time period and currency is taken into account;
multi-level system of protection against hackers, including sms;
business reports come regularly at any time convenient for the entrepreneur;
Creation and promotion of a site in Kiev includes the following stages of work:

Definition of goals and objectives of the Internet project.
Development of technical specifications for web designer and copywriters.
Creating design layouts, a choice of several options.
Adaptive website layout.
Bitrix programming on the site.
Testing the site.
Placement of the store on the domain and hosting.
Creating an online store on Bitrix is the best way to increase sales and attract the target audience to your business, so do not even hesitate - open your project with the Bitrix platform! If you want to create your online store in Kiev, please contact our company, and we will implement your long-awaited project.