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CMS for landing page

CMS for landing page

Date of publication: 31.03.2019

CMS for landing page

Landing page for online store is a very popular advertising tool that helps to solve many functional problems in the work of the site. Landing for a restaurant, shop and other establishments in integration with the 1C system has a number of advantages for an entrepreneur:

Landing clients are automatically collected;
there is a base for the circulation of documents;
the ability to increase conversion with built-in tools;
the availability of paid and free engines on the CMS site;
However, with all the functionality of the landing page, this tool has its drawbacks:

too many codes that overload the system;
increased load on the hosting due to the complex interface;
increased time spent on setting up and linking the page to the system;


There are different options for connecting a paid CMS site for a landing page. Paid engines in terms of functionality are more convenient for novice users, so if you do not have enough experience, it is better to purchase paid tools. So, the most popular is the development of sites on Bitrix. Here, the site owner gets the opportunity to constantly monitor orders and save all the information about goods in stock. Thanks to the built-in tools, you can continuously increase the conversion, however, Bitrix has a rather complicated management designed for professionals, so you need to have certain skills in order to fully work in this system.

No less attractive for online businessmen is the creation of a site on Opencart - a platform that is easy to install, a large selection of themes for decoration and a minimum of tools. Website creation on Wordpress offers the user more than 1000 Russian-language templates for page layout. The most important thing on this site is to ensure that no virus code appears in the system that can destroy the necessary information.

Creating a site on Joomla or creating a site on Drupal offers the owners of 23 templates to design a page to choose from, which are downloaded for free, the site cms is Russian-language. A significant drawback of the system is the low degree of protection against hackers, as well as the need to purchase additional modules if you have a non-standard project.

When choosing an engine for creating websites in Kiev, you need to proceed from the objectives of the project and the period. For the implementation of short-term projects will be suitable free engines, and for more promising projects it is better to get a paid program. If you are interested in creating landing page on Modx, and you wish to order a landing page for a business, you can leave a request to our web studio Site-pro.top via the feedback form. The price of the landing page will depend on the chosen site and the number of tools involved. Ordering the creation of a landing page on html with us means to ensure for your project a steady influx of customers and constant attention of the target audience!