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How to create a website

How to create a website

Date of publication: 29.05.2019

How to create a website

To create your own website means to tell the whole world about yourself and your thoughts, principles, desires. At first, the amount of information on creating sites can shock and significantly reduce the desire to fulfill the goal. But it’s enough to find ordered data on creating a website in Google in order to return to its former mood.

Do not get lost in doubts about whether you need to create your website from scratch, Internet surfing will help. You should look for beautifully designed websites, shops, and forums. Explore their design and colors. Contemplation of ready-made solutions for Internet portals can charge you with motivation to learn and achieve your goals.

It’s useful to watch instructional videos or workshops from web design professionals. They like to talk about the intricacies and nuances of design mastery, the latest trends, new products and obsolete tools, because the designer should always stay abreast of the latest news.

Before you create your own website, you need to decide on its purpose, the main topic that you want to develop through the portal. You can create a news site, forum or chat, fan club, etc. Family sites are now gaining popularity, where they publish general videos, photographs, and transmit any information to family members who are far away. This is very convenient, but it can be unsafe - an access password is required so that outsiders cannot get into it.

The theme can be any. The main thing is that it complies with the law and does not contain prohibited content and calls for extremism.

First you need to understand that among the billions of sites around the world, there is at least one similar to the one that is planned to be created. This is normal, because they will vary in content.

The overall work plan will include:

the size of invested finance - today mechanisms are widely used to help create websites for free, but you will have to pay for full uniqueness;
the number of pages of the future site and their purpose - the more sections you need to “write”, the more expensive it will be;
site content schedule - you must not let the portal stand idle after creation, news should appear regularly, otherwise users will scatter where and where.
Content will help to create your website and earn money on it. It is the degree of its uniqueness that raises the site higher in search engine results.

Proper site content is the right type of content:

selling - suitable for online stores, contains a description of the goods and the promise to purchase them;
media - photographs, paintings, music or video determine both the format of the site itself and the text accompaniment;
news - the latest news should be submitted using reliable facts or sound reasoning;
informational - this includes recipes, life hacking tips, travel notes, and technical literature.
The main idea is that the types of content should not be used simultaneously - you need to adhere to the same style of storytelling. Of course, in special cases, you can allow the combination of types of content, but only if it is delimited by sections.

Creating your own website is not a difficult event, if you collect and organize information and decide on goals.