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Creation of sites in Kiev

Creation of sites in Kiev

Date of publication: 27.07.2017

Creation of sites in Kiev

Our company is engaged in the creation of sites of any type, we can implement the most complex design and develop all the necessary functionality. However, if your goal - selling a product or service, it will be a great option Landing. It is a single-site, which is designed to sell here and now. The trick is focused on a single product. Creation of sites in Kiev as a Landing - it is a very popular way of training sales, seminars, small inexpensive products or goods before the holidays. For example, on the eve of New Year's landing number increases exponentially with the beginning of December.
The beauty of a single-site - it is its relative accessibility and the lack of investment in SEO. Landing is not promoted in the search engines, but these sites are run contextual advertising in Google and Yandex.

Here you can order the creation of sites inexpensively. Nevertheless, if you pay off Landing?

Before launching such a project, it is necessary to calculate the costs and estimate the cost-effectiveness. Your costs are direct website, which can cost from 3000 UAH. (Maximum limit is only your imagination), advertising costs, the cost per click, and the manager who handles calls (if it is not you yourself). If you are able to find affordable website development, it remains to see how much you are interesting questions. This can be done by planning an advertising campaign in Google AdWords. Here you can find a list of interesting queries, see their frequency, cost of a click. Of all, choose not the most frequent and the most commercial, that is, with the words: "buy", "value". For example, selling sled, do not be hung up on request "sled Ukraine" - it is rather ambiguous and more information, it will have less conversion.

Production sites Kiev. What is the design and content?

Landing - a colorful image that attracts and compels to buy. It is considered the ratio of graphics / text - 70% / 30%. This is true because the Landing - a spontaneous emotional purchase, but most people are visual. They attract high-quality images, animations and cool commercials. When we carry out the production of sites Kiev, we advise of the text information to keep only important: the benefits of the action information (if any), how to order and how many will be goods. If your product information, such as training, it would be logical to leave more text information to intrigue and interest to the user.
Our studio creates one-page sites quickly and inexpensively. As a result, you get a workable resource that is able to sell your product. Call us!