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Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization

Date of publication: 29.07.2017

Search engine optimization

This concept can not be considered synonymous with search engine promotion. This is just part of a full SEO, but very important. The term means the volume range of activities that are carried out directly on the site. The purpose of such actions - to set up a resource under the rules of the algorithms necessary for us the search engine. Let us examine in more detail some aspects encompasses search engine optimization:
• Check or creating a site map
• Configuring robots txt
• Create Meta tags for each page
• Setting up the structure under the logic of search engines
• Placing text SEO
• Optimize the speed of life
• Elimination of all errors that affect SEO
Thus, directly in front of the search progress, it is important to conduct a series of works on your site. This process is in each case takes a different amount of time, depending on the type of site. On average, the period of a week to a month (shops).
Professional website promotion

If in your life come from experts in their field and optimization was performed without errors, you can already notice the movement of the site up positions. Begin to rise above the low and mid-range requests. If a new niche in the market and still non-competitive at all, the optimization can pull up the highest priority requests topu very close to or even in the top ten cherished.
If you are looking for professional website promotion, you can safely entrust your resource to our studio. Staff will conduct a comprehensive site analytics, went out, and brought all the Wrong internal optimization. Then you and I will build on the work plan and prioritize the key questions. You can then proceed directly to the promotion and link building profile. Each month we provide the reports in electronic form, where you can see the movement of your own website on a number of requests.
Site card-key: the creation and promotion

The main activity of the company is development. Nevertheless, we can offer a turnkey website. This includes his creation, constant technical support programmers and SEO. Promote a business card can be for a short time for information requests. Longer leave will be in the top commercial keywords, if your niche by moving him and shops.
In any case, business card turnkey website - it is profitable. We are creating a product that is ready to be set up under the search engine algorithms. The next step, optimization, carried out quickly and correctly. To discuss the creation and promotion of any difficulty, please call the number on the website or write to us at the e-mail. If you are only interested in the promotion, then send us a link to a resource for an initial intelligence. We will answer all your questions over the phone or at a meeting.