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Website development

Website development

Date of publication: 29.07.2017

Website development

An important component of a successful website is web design. But this area is constantly changing, there are new trends that are sometimes hard to keep up. In 2016-2017, these trends almost did not change. Their main principles remain minimalism, emphasis on comfort use of the resource, the importance of quick work site adaptability to the widest possible range of mobile devices.
Website development today must be adapted to user expectations. Before creating the resource, need to collect analytics on your target audience and interpret it properly. Long gone the days when websites were developed based on the tastes of the customer and the user had to adjust for them. Now everything is different - users and their needs came to the fore. Correctly understand them - a problem customer, designer and a group of technical experts participating in the creation of the project in 2017.
To order the site today, it is important to know the following trends
Sleek design finally emerged fully proved its popularity and friendly. The basis of this approach lie flat 2D image without gradients and textures. Not all the elements create the effect of accumulation - the screen remains easy and free. Used bright colors. The effect of volume creates shadows and deeper drawing some elements.
Order website should immediately from the mobile version. Today more and more people use mobile devices to access the internet and shopping. Those sites that are not adapted to smartphones and tablets right up close.
Use only high-quality images - one of the most important rules. Today, successful image sells better than text. People have become lazy and have no time to read carefully. A good image helps catch attention and push for action.
Creation and development web: the design

Minimalism will still be the focus in the design of websites. This preferred pure white backgrounds or pastel tones. This approach helps to direct attention to the main content of the highlight buttons and call to action phrases triggers. Photo on a light background look more "alive". In addition, contemporary creation and development saytov tends to placing product cards on the home page. Thus, their place is not at the bottom, and the first screen. This may be the most popular or new products. To use the right products on the home page analysis Analyze data on demand - looking increasingly likely.
Have not gone away and the big picture in the background. However, they must be "live" and be certain emotions that relate to your products. Much attention is paid to the section typography designers as properly composed images and fonts can significantly increase conversion.