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Website promotion

Website promotion

Date of publication: 28.07.2017

Website promotion

The issue of promotion in the search engines is no longer a new concept for entrepreneurs of small, medium and large businesses. About 7-10 years ago very few people knew about this tool. But, with the globalization and the transition of business to the Internet, everyone is talking about SEO and is aware of its role in the development of the enterprise. At the same time, the current concept includes not only a technical component, but also aspects of marketing strategies. And such a process as the website promotion has changed. But this is not understood by all entrepreneurs.
Are you ready to promote your own resource, will you be able to find good specialists and supervise the process? And to participate in it? The success and speed of the promotion of your site depends on the answer. You will have to take part in this process, even if all the work will be performed by technical specialists. You are the captain of your own ship, of your website. Check your willingness to interact with SEO specialists.

What do you think: what is the reasonable price for website promotion?

It should be noted that every company that promotes websites can work on different payment formats. They can be: a monthly fee for work and links, a monthly fee for work + separately for links, payment for achieving certain results, for traffic or for a targeted action. You can agree on any convenient form of payment, but the promotion of the website price can not be very low. There are no specialists who get 2-3 thousand a month. Such prices are more like a joke or outright forgery.
Let's look at an example of promotion with a monthly fee for work and links. The salary of the SEO specialist is approximately 10 thousand. He may lead 4-5 projects at the same time (working on analytics and optimization). So, the
cost of production of work on your website is 2 thousand (if it is not a highly competitive niche in the market and not a mega store). Now you have to add about 1 000 UAH. on the links and another 2 thousand as payment for the work of the programmer, which is often required. That is, the average cost price is 5000 UAH. Then add a margin of at least 50%.

Professional website promotion
When you are ready to promote the site, you will carefully select specialists: you will study in detail the examples of works and hold meetings. You will need to understand the basics of SEO, so that technical experts do not teach you this. It is necessary to understand the basic terminology and principles of promotion, in order to closely communicate with specialists and understand each other.
If you need your website promotion. It will be better if you order it from a company that is ready to conduct a dialogue and communicate every month on the results achieved and provide reports on the executed work. It is better to address those who talk about cooperation, and not those who say do not worry, we will do everything.
We will give a guarantee. You need to understand what and how can give you SEO as a tool for sales and engaging the audience. Only then you will be ready to talk in detail and to achieve results.