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Do you need https to the website?

Do you need https to the website?

Date of publication: 23.12.2017

Do you need https to the website?

Detailed opinion regarding the issue of switching to https Protocol. How does this affect customers and website promotion in search.

The transition to Https

Let's start with the technical part. Initially it may seem that to translate the website to the new Protocol is not difficult, just connect the encryption certificate in the hosting settings, and rename links. But the right way is not easy, especially if you think about the eternal errors of indexing.

Why should you choose the transition to Https from our experts? Web site which is already position in the search engine, could lose up to half in the case of a rough transition described above. If the resource is new, this issue is not relevant, but search engines will see the duplicate of the web site that negatively affects promotion. Our experts do a full migration links in the format of machine code, and the search engines know that the resource be located at the new address, and is unique.

Do you need https?

Complex words is an improvement on the https Protocol with SSL encryption and TLS when sharing your server with the device of the visitor. In simple words - it is an additional protection against interception and alteration of the information. In General, the more likely that customer data will not fall into the hands of others. This is especially important for payment services.

So Do we the need https? Even with the usual trust and loyalty of a visitor - Yes. The use of https (properly installed) has a pleasant green color, and appears next to the sign of the castle that symbolizes a secure connection. And recently Google began to warn about is not a secure server in the case of certain user actions on web sites using http.

Do you need https to the website?

This technology is preferred for the resource because it is a symbol of development, an important component in all spheres of life of the company, including in its submission to the buyer. Losing the competition in the obvious simple step silly, but the important thing is to get to the right specialists. Because this step can destroy the achievements of recent years in SEO, along with a huge amount of investment.

"But do I need a https siteif I use a simple website without transactions, services, accounting and other things, and I have nothing to steal?", – Common question, but the answer is clear. Even in this case, it is highly recommended. As mentioned above, not only the client notices your desire to grow, but Google etc. And along with this it is proved that your website will rise in them much faster, or safer to gain a foothold in the first position, if he already  has.