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The best books about business

The best books about business

Date of publication: 15.09.2017

The best books about business

Especially for our visitors, we have compiled a list of the best books about business, some of which will explain what the entrepreneur is facing, and some are the guide of activity in modern realities.

The best books about business

Business does not stand still. The art of making money for centuries has evolved along with the technical and psychological progress of mankind. However, descending to the worldly one comes the understanding that the fundamentals remain the basics, however the subtleties can completely rewrite the history of the tools of earnings. It's no secret that the main boom of modernity in business is Internet commerce. That is why in the best books about business we prefer to write a book by Alexey Piltenko - "The Subtlety of the Internet Business". In addition, useful works for the modern foundations of doing things for sure will turn out to be such works as "Marketing without a budget. 50 working tools "by Igor Mann, which is a guide to conducting marketing strategies with specific answers to questions: who to do, how to do, and what to do. And also pay attention to the book by Carl Sewell and Paul Brown - "Customers for life" - a detailed account of the system of working with customers, more like a guide.

Book about business

What does it have to represent, because so many at the moment there are examples of direct deception: reading about motivation, who skillfully disguises themselves as real techniques, or deductions of amateurs after two months of work. Let's roughly imagine what the knowledgeable authors say and what material is really useful on the example of the book of the first mentioned author - Alexei Piltenko. It is enough to apply even to the table of contents, if theoretical plans and abstract questions make up the lion's share of the whole content, such a book about business is unlikely to be useful to you. Alexei literally starts from the eighth page about specific measures and technologies that will help you in the process of building your own business, diluting the description of their application with a short explanation of the theoretical bases.

The best books on business

But this is far from the final list, especially if we talk about the basic sources of your decisions. Here you can mention several famous books by eminent authors, such as: "Rich dad. Poor Dad "by Robert Kiosaki, who will tell about the very culture of money, and its applications, as well as Henry Ford's book" My Life, My Achievements ", explaining the essence of all the processes of our environment. Remembering the best books on business, you can not fail to mention the "Competitive Strategy" by Michael Porter, designed to deepen the concept of competition, as well as worthy of attention book Alexander Vysotsky - "Small Business. Big game". In the conclusion of the list it is necessary to name the more narrowly directed book by Stephen Shiffman - "Techniques of cold calls", which will tell about the rules of a successful presentation.