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Search promotion Seo website

Search promotion Seo website

Date of publication: 03.02.2018

Search promotion Seo website

Search promotion Seo website

According to leading SEO experts, search engines had long been used a generic list of criteria for ranking applied to all the sites, so to find it useless.

To understand the mechanism and the method by which you can determine by what criteria the search engine ranks search promotion Seo website, that is important. The number of words or characters on the page. You understand that you can't text, for example, about the structure of the thermos and the space ship to be the same length and equally to reveal their themes. A more squat example. If one online store that sells saws and other chain saws, the length of the text must also be different, because the chainsaw the arranged is more complex. Search engines can take this into account.


How to promote a website

Titles and meta descriptions. In Google meta descriptions are displayed directly in the search. Yandex different, the system pulls the most relevant to the specific search query (from her point of view) part of the text. But if the page description will not be on webmaster panel, in the section "Possible problems" will see the message about lowering your site's ranking. How to promote a website? You can build a chart that on one axis to defer the number of unique visitors, and on the other the length of the description. Just don't forget, the findings do not mean that sites with specific length of the tag come more visitors, and with different length – less. The choice of users and PCs can be influenced not by the number of characters in the snippet, but by bright, well-composed text, the site's trust, and many other factors.


Effective website promotion

Linking. Here are all relatively simple, internal links affect weight pages and their ranking. Among the leading on the page of internal links is a determining factor for the substation on which they decide to remove the page from the index or not. Quality internal linking for a site is optional, it should be closely and organically linked each page to each other. Effective website promotion. Competitor analysis. This method has a significant disadvantage – you can not know exactly the strategies and tactics of competitors, their priorities, goals, and budget. Often in the top side by side sites with very different length of pages, number of links etc. How can that be. The goal of any search engine as a way to please the visitor, precisely to answer his question, don't piss off the empty water lyrics. You should aim to do the same. Help Yandex and Google, then they will help you.