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SEO optimization and website promotion

SEO optimization and website promotion

Date of publication: 15.01.2018

SEO optimization and website promotion

SEO optimization and website promotion

In this article, we want to raise the question of what is SEO-promotion, for what purpose the site needs it and how to make visitors come to your site. SEO optimization – is a complex of measures aimed at optimizing the queries of the search engines. Without this mechanism, it is unlikely that you will achieve any results. Therefore, if you have a website or want to create it and are considering whether I need SEO optimization and site promotion, the answer is one - of course it is necessary! Otherwise how will you be able to compete with other sites? SEO-promotion is divided into optimization of internal and external. Further we will consider the issues of internal and external promotion in more detail.


Internal and external SEO optimization on Your website

Internal SEO optimization is the most complex and most important. Its main advantage is that you do not need to invest no additional financial investment, your site helps you to locate yourself in the search engines. The minimum and mandatory list of works on the internal optimization on Your site:

  • Getting rid of junk in the html code and bug fixes to increase the speed download information
  • Working with content, selection and editing of keywords;
  • Linking between pages of the website.

As for external promotion, so it is the purchase of third party links that will lead to your website. Links to purchased services and link exchanges, for example, Sape.ru etc. The downside of this stage of promotion is its high cost and complexity of resource selection, which will have a link. If you approach this issue carelessly, the traffic that goes to your site, is not quality, but the money you will pay for uninterested users.


What to add in seo text, and what not?

 If the content is not unique, and you simply "copied" it from competitors, as do many who think that  are smarter than others, you simply can simply get under sanctions of the search engine, and it will be extremely difficult to get out from there. Do not add a keyword that is not mentioned in the content, and even more so if it does not concern the topic of your site at all, or write 100 words per page. It is better not to add keywords to the text at all, if you do not know what and how to insert correctly, it's better than the site will fall into the "bang" of the search engine.

  1. The flow of poor quality traffic the search engine can determine how to "cheat" and again, no good it will not.

Judging from the above-said information, suggest suitable serious, and it is better to contact the experts, otherwise you will not achieve any result, and worst of all – lower your site in the ranking.