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Seo articles

Seo articles

Date of publication: 15.01.2018

Seo articles

Seo articles

The task of the copywriter is not to rewrite the text in your own words, creating a new one – not trivial and not a tautology. The main task of the copywriter is to create compelling text. It does not mean an artistic story in the style of narration, but a text of a scientific (or at least semi-scientific) genre. A convincing text should have a hero - a person or an object  not important. When writing seo articles copywriter must first think about the object, the subject, service, situation etc. that is going to describe. If you collect all the details in a single picture, it will be easier to tune in the desired fashion. At the same time need to think about those who need this facility on the final consumer, and as a person, about the details of his life, his difficulties and problems, one of which can be addressed through the proposed facility. What is close to the consumer, which will affect his interests, then one should strive to express in the text.

Seo copywriting

In the process of creating a persuasive text, it is important to clearly and accurately Express their thoughts. To avoid the cliché – an important task for the copywriter who strives for perfection. The overall style of the text may suffer from the use of impersonal verbal participle phrases, so it is better to avoid. Seo copywriting is 1 of the forbidden word – "no" (or not). You should try to use it as little as possible in the text - it can ruin the whole impression of the text as a whole. The same logic follows the desire to enter into the text the words "free", "gift", "bonus", "sale", etc. They acted and persuaded the consumer until now and will continue to do so. Easy and bright text makes the questions and appeals conversion into it ("Have you already ...?", "Let's try ...", etc.).

Seo text

Important to create compelling text is a header. It needs to be a kind of spear that pierces a hole in noads shield and causing interest, conveys to his consciousness all the necessary information. The title updates the text, makes it attractive and tempting. Invaluable assistance copywriter may have a database of slogans on the Internet. In addition to a good title, compelling seo text, whether promotional or not, should contain a call to action. Due to this, the text becomes meaningful, and attracted the consumer does not disappoint. his emptiness.

Technical design of the whole text depends on the customer. Universal tips can be:

- use 10-12 size,

- use fonts: for electronic texts Verdana, Arial, Tahoma; for printed texts – Times New Roman or Georgia.