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Creation and promotion of web sites

Creation and promotion of web sites

Date of publication: 03.02.2018

Creation and promotion of web sites

Creation and promotion of web sites


The creation of SDL (site for people) and its optimization, promotion in search engines - time consuming, but worth it, because over time it can bring good dividends. First, you make the SOM that is useful to people, explaining or describing something interesting, and secondly, you will be doing something new, putting the soul and patience, not afraid to get banned from search engines, because uniqueness is the key to success! Creation and promotion of web sites that would ideally bring great income is the dream of a beginner, but if you have no skills to create it, will help this article. If you are unsure of the earnings on the website, and you do not have this amount of money, the initial stage may be the earnings on the satellites.


The creation and promotion of sites the cost


Website creation-satellites – it is not very difficult, but requires patience, reasonable approach and, of course, knowledge. If you do not go into details, it is possible to allocate the creation of satellites, a number of important steps. Buying a domain. You can start with free domains, but their registration can take a long time. The creation and promotion of sites, the cost depends on Your wishes. Ordering hosting. Keep in mind that hosting should allow you to host multiple websites on 1 account. You will also need a separate IP service, consider it in their costs. Selection of engine, working with the design. For sites any simple engines, from free options to easily will WordPress or Joomla. Website design we can take a template, although there is a version that the quality of the design is also analyzed by search engines and affect ranking and indexing.


Creating and maintaining websites

Even if you take a template design, it is required to clean away redundant links and to configure for your own needs. At this stage you need to start preparing text content. Newly Satellit filled with content at least half? It is an occasion to start to "feed" it to the search engines. Once your site is indexed, you can start to slowly increase the TIC and PR. As you can see, creating and maintaining websites is not so difficult. With this purpose, you need to keep him for all sorts of sotszakladkah, directories, etc. At this point, to stop and think that you don't need in one fell swoop to advertise and post codes of all existing systems for sales links on your site – it threatens to filter from search engines. Let the satellite will live a couple of weeks of my life. Sojourned? You can start to earn! Godspeed!