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The creation and maintenance of website

The creation and maintenance of website

Date of publication: 03.02.2018

The creation and maintenance of website

The creation and maintenance of website

Since almost everyone today has a website, anyone thinks about promoting the site. A serious project or a small site - any creator wants everyone to know about his creation on the Internet. Although, apart from disinterested desires, there may be others: often their site is used as a passive income, and this is the main income of these people. Really, having untwisted the site and having put on it the banners, it is possible to earn, without leaving the house and not applying appreciable efforts. Let's start the creation and maintenance of the website.

The first step is to install a visitor counter to your website, if you have done this, just skip this paragraph. As a counter, it is recommended to use ready-made solutions, but that does not mean that the development has no meaning, on the contrary it is a more original way.

The creation and support of sites

There are many different auxiliary systems for the creation and support of sites from the search engines. For example, counters. There are several common counters from well-known companies:

1. Counter Yandex (Yandex.Metrika)

2. Counter from Google

3. Also counter Rambler

4. Yahoo

Their on can be enumerated for endlessly. We will limit ourselves to only a few. For example, the counter from Google has proven itself well, since besides the necessary functions it offers also additional ones.

After you have installed and configured the meter can proceed to the next step. Next you need to add your website to the list for indexing search service. Sounds complicated? In fact, everything is simple – visit the page for webmasters and register your website. Suggest to bring your website to multiple lists for different services.

So then you must create convenient website navigation. It is important to remember that the easier it is, the longer the visitor will stay on the website.


Creation of support site

Then you need to make sure that all articles are unique from 95-100%, if not, then we recommend to rewrite them.

Create a subscription form for the newsletter, make it vivid and attractive.

Use the keys. Properly exposed keys in your article will make it optimized for search engines. The main thing is not to overdo it. Good code – the key to success. Make beautiful your site code, starting with the pages, ending with styles. To well-designed code bots are the most loyal.

Create a file called robots.txt and set it up. A properly configured robots.txt allows you to make flexible configuration pages indexed bots.

As you can see, creating a support site with his own hands the power of even a beginner. Without going into theory, you can easily produce simple optimization.