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Support sites

Support sites

Date of publication: 28.11.2016

Support sites

Order the design and creation of the site - it is certainly a very important strategic move for your business, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. In order for your site to function properly while fully carry out their direct tasks, it is necessary to provide timely and comprehensive technical support. Yes, it is possible for this work to hire a special man, but why, because it is the extra cost of wages, on the design of the workplace, to the technical equipment for hospital and holidays, and if it is not an excellent knowledge of the nuances of this process - this is a true progressive destruction of even the most successful (at top) and precisely thought-out site. In order that such difficulties have spared, we offer our services on the overall maintenance of the site

As part of the service?

  • Further development of the site, it regularly change, update, replacing the design, placement of new articles and items, preparing banners;
  • Identify and remove different types of errors and problems;
  • Carry out regular functional testing of the resource as a whole;
  • If necessary, provide advice on the functioning of the site.

Timely and high-quality support will lead to its continuous and coordinated work. Any customer or partner at the time of day of independence can visit your portal and view the desired information!

Do you want to establish an effective online business - while we are waiting for you!